Bio-Metrica Deploys MBU for Ghana Social Security National Trust (SSNIT)

Orlando, FL September 19, 2014 – First tier manufacturer, system integrator and software developer Bio-Metrica, LLC is chosen to create a new Mobile Biometric Unit for the registration of pensioners for the Ghana Social Security National Trust (SSNIT).

In order to reduce the amount of “ghost” pensioners on the roles, the Ghana Social Security National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) of Ghana required all members accessing benefits be biometrically enrolled nationwide.

Bio-Metrica’s MBU™ was selected to provide the hardware platform from which the registration application will run. Utilizing a custom configuration using a fingerprint scanner, signature pad, high-resolution web camera, and document scanner and printer, the MBU™ will be used to register pensioners and other contributors at various points in Ghana.

Bio-Metrica’s MBU™ is a ruggedized biometric system that can be configured to operate in a variety of harsh environments. The MBU™ also can operate on its own internal battery for up to 10 hours, allowing operators to collect data in regions of the country where power may not be readily available. These basic capabilities were an important factor in choosing the MBU™ for the registration process.


SSINT required a rugged, mobile biometric system, which could collect biometric data from pensioners located throughout the nation. They could be either in cities or in far flung villages with very little in the way of transportation infrastructure or even power. It was also required to be portable and be easy to transport between locations.

The system needed to be able to generate high quality biometric data as well as capture the image and signature of the person being enrolled. Identifying documents presented as proof of identity need to be scanned and a printed receipt would also be provided as evidence of enrollment. The entire process would need to be completed within a twenty-four month period.


In order to meet the demands of the tropical environment of Ghana, a system was designed in order to operate within the humidity and temperature extremes of that environment. The MBU™ (Mobile Biometric Unit) was designed with a weatherproof and waterproof case, a robust laptop PC, a fingerprint scanner, high resolution web camera with LED light, signature pad, printer/scanner combination to collect registration data. All components were then set within a custom-designed foam insert along with a battery-based auxiliary power system, which could maintain system operation for over 10 hours of sustained activity. An included GSM cellular modem allows the MBU™ to communicate information while operating in different locations.


The MBU™ was assembled in the United States and then shipped to Ghana for deployment.

Documentation was also written for training and operations of the system.


With the MBU™, the SSINT was able to enroll pensioners throughout the country without needing an infrastructure in place at each enrollment location. The portability and power of the solution allowed them to enroll pensioners throughout Ghana over a twenty-four month period.

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