Bio-Metrica Releases BIS™ a Multi-Factor Biometric Identification System

Bio-Metrica releases a new multi-factor biometric identification system which can run on different form factors

Longwood, FL January 12, 2017 – Bio-Metrica has released BIS™, a modular, Multi-Factor Biometric Identification System which securely enrolls and identifies people using a variety of different identification and authentication technologies.

Scalable and customizable, BIS™ provides the ability to choose a biometric technology (e.g. fingerprint, face, iris, signature, vein, among others), and provides a multi-biometric system (i.e. to identify users using a combination of different biometric methods), over multiple form factors (stationery systems, laptops, handheld devices, etc.). All of this runs on the robust BII™ architecture, which can be deployed on local servers or as CloudBII™, allowing collected information to be shared across multiple applications.

BIS™ allows any organization the ability to implement a variety of biometric identification solutions using an assortment of modules. The basic modules include Offline / Online Enrollment, Verification/Identification, Investigation, and Reports. Other modules can be added to expand functionality to BIS™ giving it the ability to be customized for any deployment across different verticals. Example deployments include: identification of security guards and government employees, healthcare or financial benefits distribution applications and many others.

The Enrollment Module allows for a powerful, easy to use multi-biometric enrollment process. The Verification/Identification Module provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to identify previously enrolled individuals. The Investigation module provides the option to find and compare duplicate biographical and biometric and take appropriate action. With the Reports Module, granular reports can be constructed in order to explore exploit collected data.

All BIS™ components are compliant with a variety of international standards (such as ISO, ANSI, and ICAO) and can be made to meet any standard needed.

“BIS™ gives organizations of any size the ability to implement a modular, customizable, and scalable, Multi-Biometric Identification System,” said Ronen Yacobi, Founder of Bio-Metrica LLC, “With BIS™, practically any government or commercial customer can utilize this cutting edge technology and have an effective identification system with both better security and accountability implemented within time and budget constraints for a cost effective price.”

To try out BIS™ risk-free for two weeks, please visit BII™ and begin the free evaluation process.

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Headquartered in Longwood, Florida, USA, Bio-Metrica LLC is a first-tier Manufacturer, software developer and system integrator. Bio-Metrica provides turnkey and custom biometric identification solutions to government, law enforcement, and enterprises worldwide. Founded by electrical engineers and equipped with the most up to date know-how in the biometric field, Bio-Metrica is committed to bringing cutting edge biometric solutions to all of its clients.

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