Bio-Metrica Releases the BII™ Modular Client, a Customizable, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Client

Bio-Metrica releases a new modular client that can be customized to support different kinds of biometric applications with minimal effort

Longwood, FL October 18, 2016 – Bio-Metrica has released their BII™ (Biometric Identification Infrastructure) Modular Client, allowing different solutions to be rapidly deployed with Bio-Metrica’s BII™ multi-factor authentication biometric framework.

The BII™ Modular Client allows any organization the ability to implement a variety of biometric applications using an assortment of modules. The BII™ Client basic modules include Enrollment, Verification/Identification, Reports, as well as other advanced modules which are available.

These modules each work with the BII™ framework and when used in combination can support many applications such as Biometric Enrollment Workstation (EWS), Biometric Identification System (BIS), Voter Registration (VRS), National ID (NID), Driver’s License System (DLS), Census Registration (CRS), Border Security (BG) and Prison Management (Tartarus). With the modular client, there is no need to create applications from scratch.

The BII™ Modular Client has also been developed to function on a variety of platforms, including PCs, handheld devices and other web-enabled platforms. An important feature of the modular client is the ability to enroll remotely in an offline mode on laptops or handheld devices, while records are uploaded to the central BII™ server (either a local BII™ deployment or CloudBII™) when an Internet connection is re-established (either manually or automatically).

The client is deployed with the Biometric Identification Infrastructure, BII™, which is a comprehensive web services framework allowing applications the ability to use multiple biometric data types (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, vein, speech, signature recognition, SMT, and any other biometric type.) and non-biometric data types (Smartcard, token, passwords, etc.) across different applications. This unified approach to identification allows entities the ability to enroll once and use the same data across different applications. BII™ is able to support multiple biometrics and non-biometric at the same time. With BII™, individuals will not be able to use disparate systems that do not share data to hide in plain sight.

A BII™ based system (i.e. the Modular Client, together with BII™ or CloudBII™) is available as a complete turnkey solution or as customizable integrated system with existing systems.

To try out the Modular Client and CloudBII™ for two weeks, please visit BII™ and begin the free evaluation process.

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