Bio-Metrica reveals BII™ (Biometric Identification Infrastructure), a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Identity Framework

Altamonte Springs, FL July 10, 2015 – Bio-Metrica has developed a new biometric framework aimed at providing biometric applications access to unified data with multiple types of biometrics and non-biometrics.

The Biometric Identification Infrastructure, BII™, is a comprehensive web services framework allowing applications the ability to use multiple biometric data types (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, vein, speech, signature recognition, SMT, and any other biometric type.) & non-biometric data types (Smartcard, token, passwords, etc.) across different applications. This unified approach to identification allows entities the ability to enroll once and use the same data across different applications. BII™ is able to support multiple biometrics and non-biometric at the same time, which is known as multi-factor authentication. With BII™, individuals will not be able to use disparate systems that do not share data to hide in plain sight.

BII™’s modular approach allows entities to support a variety of dissimilar biometrics across all applications. It also allows easy integration of existing applications which would normally be unable to communicate with each other. BII™ consolidates their data, and makes it easy to reduce duplication, fraud, or other activities that are easier to occur in single system solutions. Some of the applications include: AFIS, Biometric Identification System, Voter Registration System, National ID, Census, Driver’s License, Border Control Systems, and any other automatic biometric and non biometric identification system.

One of BII™’s greatest advantages is the ability to create mandatory or optional fields for different types of data (both biometric and non-biometric) in each of the concurrent applications utilizing the BII™ database.

BII™ is available both as a separate framework with functions which can be used for development of 3rd party applications or integrated with one of our previously mentioned applications. BII™ can integrate new biometric algorithms from any biometric type in a short period of time. With these algorithms, different matching strategies are used for better identification, such as multi-factor identification, and duplication searching utilizing multiple biometrics.

BII™ can scale to work on a variety of platforms from PCs and laptops to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. BII™ infrastructure also takes advantage of splitting processing between client and server systems with the ability to harness the computing power of agents via BII™’s core matcher manager. With this scalability, fast response times can be achieved while searching through millions of records without resorting to only using centralized server power.

BII™ provides a cost-effective solution to installing and maintaining separate applications. It provides high-end capabilities while still keeping a reasonable price.

“BII™ is a cutting edge multi-factor framework that allows any authentication method from any vendor to be used by applications. With both desktop and mobile devices, it gives clients the ability to use a single set of data across all their applications, “ said Ronen Yacobi, Founder of Bio-Metrica LLC.

To try out BII™ for 30 days, please visit BII™ and begin the free evaluation process.

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