Orlando, FL August 6, 2010 – First tier system integrator and software developer

Bio--‐Metrica, LLC announced that it will be providing its MBU to be used for enrolling civil servants in the African nation of Chad.

Bio-Metrica’s MBU is a ruggedized biometric system that can be configured to operate in a variety of harsh environments. The MBU also can operate on its own internal battery for up to 10 hours, allowing operators to collect data in regions of the country where power may not be readily available. These basic capabilities were an important factor in choosing the MBU for the registration process. The MBU uses Bio-Metrica’s Enrollment Workstation (EWS) software, which is a cross--‐platform biometric enrollment application that records high quality data, including fingerprint templates and  images(WSQ format),high resolution pictures, comprehensive user details,  and print labels using a thermal printer. The MBU or the EWS can be used together or separately, in other biometric systems / applications.