Marquis ID selected Bio-Metrica to provide a facial recognition system for West Virginia’s DMV

Bio-Metrica’s Facial Recognition System, powered by BioLink's engine, screens drivers license applicants for fraudulent identities

Orlando, FL August 5, 2011– First tier manufacturer, system integrator and software developer Bio-Metrica, LLC announced that it has provided a facial recognition system to provide real-time verification for West Virginia residents applying for new licenses, renewing or re-issuing their licenses.

Bio-Metrica’s facial recognition system (FRS) is a part of Marquis ID’s new driver’s license system implemented for the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The system is designed to process applicants and issue drivers licenses while also performing real-time verification of an applicant’s identity as they wait. It also electronically scans in documents that prove an applicant’s identity as well as take their picture, signature and optionally capture their fingerprints for a multi-biometric approach.

The FRS also provides West Virginia DMV investigators tools to track down applications by searching driver photos to identify if a person has already obtained a license. Investigators can quickly identify fraudulent driver’s licenses, and invalidate them if they are already in the system.

“With the FRS system, we’re able to quickly zero in on applicants where something is wrong and bring it to the attention of the DMV’s investigators,” says Mark Steigmeyer CEO of Marquis ID.

Using BioLink’s powerful facial recognition engine, Bio-Metrica was able to convert over 2,000,000 existing records and integrate them into the new system. It enabled West Virginia’s DMV to use their existing records with the new FRS system from day one.

"Our solution provides the best combination of price and performance to accurately identify applicants who shouldn’t be on the road, and ultimately ensure the public safety of the citizens of West Virginia," said Ronen Yacobi, CEO of Bio-Metrica, LLC, “In addition, by verifying who these applicants are, we cut down significantly on identity theft.”

About Bio-Metrica, LLC:

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BioLink was founded in the year 1999 and has rapidly evolved into one of the leading global providers of cutting-edge biometric identity management solutions. Employing the best international practices and scientific developments, BioLink is committed to building, deploying and maintaining a full range of award-winning biometric identification and identity management solutions worldwide. Such solutions are designed for a wide range of IT applications, ranging from home computers and information infrastructures of small, mid-sized enterprises and commercial businesses to large-scale nationwide identification projects. The company’s portfolio contains hundreds of successful implementations and installations in Africa, Asia, the USA, Europe, and other regions of the world.

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