Become a VAR


Our systems are innovative, designed for the corporate / government users, fully functional, field proven, cost effective and reliable. Our prices are very competitive. It is a ‘Win Win’ situation for both sides. As a VAR, expect the following benefits:

  • We will assist you during the evaluation of new opportunities – you will always have the ability to be in touch with us and ask all the required questions in order to define the appropriate solution for the specific challenge.
  • You can register the opportunity in our database, giving you protection and priority on the specific opportunity.
  • Assist you with the initial setup & configuration during the first installation. You can always trust us to assist you later on with 2nd tier of support.
  • We will provide you with marketing communication material as required, and ad hoc material for specific projects.
  • In case needed – we can provide you with access to engineering resources i.e. You can use our engineering resources while providing system integration services.
  • Access to the cutting edge biometric technology from Bio-Metrica as well as from different HW & SW vendors all based on competitive prices.


In order to get a priority / ownership on any opportunity – you will need to register it in our system i.e. send us an email that includes information in regards to the opportunity. If you are the first one that provides us with the information on the specific opportunity (in general - it is the case), you will formally be handling this opportunity, with our assistance if needed.


As a VAR, you are expected to be able to promote biometric based solutions, explain the products / system well; be able to assist a potential customer in the pre-sale phase as well as providing 1st tier of support (post sale).


1. Email your detailed request to Include the followings:

  • Formal details of the company
  • Brief about the company (a link to your website is strongly recommended)
  • Contact details
  • As many details as possible about your current opportunity(s) - if relevant

2. We will be in touch with you in 24-48 hours, in order to evaluate your capabilities to become an effective and profitable VAR. Expect a phone call. 3. You will receive a VAR agreement and VAR price list. 4. Sign the VAR agreement and fax (407-209-3374) or email a scanned version to 5. Optional (recommended) - Purchase an evaluation package under the Risk Free Offer and evaluate our solutions 6. We will provide initial training during the initial installation & configuration of our solution, and a comprehensive guidance to tackle any opportunity

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