Civil Mobile Biometric Unit - MBU™)

Mobile Biometric Unit The Mobile Biometric Unit (MBU™) is a rugged, modular, easy to deploy and configure, portable biometric system that can accommodate a variety of biometric applications such as the EWS™ (Enrollment Workstation), VRS™ (Voter Registration Systems), BIS™ (Biometric Identification System), or any AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System), based on biometric fingerprint technology or other optional types of biometric such as face, IRIS, voice etc.

Why do I need it?

Who uses it?

The MBU™ is ideal for deployment in areas where you need a powered biometric system in an easy to carry and deploy package. The MBU™ is ideal for organizations and governments who require the best biometric system that can be deployed on any site. Corporations will benefit from the ability to outfit a mobile system as they see fit.

Configuration Items

The MBU™ is a flexible system and can be configured to work for a variety of applications with options such as:

Bio-Metric Scanners Printers Cameras Communications Backup Power System
  • Fingerprint
  • IRIS reconition
  • Facial recognition
  • Label
  • Identification Card
  • RFID Card
  • HD Webcam
  • Digital Camera
  • LAN
  • WiFi
  • B-PAN sattelite
  • Long duration battery
  • Solar
And much more….

Configurable Options

Transportable Case Transportable Case - The MBU™ is housed within a rugged, watertight, crush and dustproof case, such as the Pelican 1610. It has several fold-down handles as well as an extension handle and wheels for ease of transport. Laptop Computer Laptop Computer - Any laptop computer can be installed to specification as needed. For most applications a 14” system from manufacturers such as Dell, HP, or Toshiba are used.
Sensors A variety of biometric fingerprint scanners can be used with the MBU™ such as: FS-60 Scanner, FS-50 Scanner, Crossmatch Verifier 300, UMatch 5.0, UMatch 3.0, CeRtiS Bio Sensor, or Any other Fingerprint scanner per the required specification. IRIS and Face Scanner Biometric IRIS and Face Scanner - A high-resolution Biometric IRIS and Face scanner can be installed into the MBU™ such as the VistaFA2 Multimodal Iris & Face Camera.
USB Camera USB Camera - A high-resolution USB camera, such as the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 is used to add digital images for enrolled users. Thermal Printer Thermal Printer - With a thermal printer, you can print out a receipt of enrollment for each user. This printer can be swapped out for an ID printer that can print on either blank plastic cards or print and encode RFID cards.
Thermal Printer Long Duration Backup Power System - - Using a powerful but light Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePo) battery, the MBU™ backup system can provide up to 20 hours of operating time. Solar Power Generator (SPG) - Our SPG allows you to use the Sun to charge, maintain , and operate several MBUs. The system is transportable and is packed in rugged, waterproof travel cases.
Automatic Switch Box (ASB) - Our ASB allows for automatic switching between power sources without user interaction. It provides four modes of operation; Grid/Solar, Battery, Standby, and Charging.

Interior - Top Tray - Ghana MBU

Top Tray

Interior - Laptop Open - Ghana MBU

Laptop Open

Interior - Top Tray - Chad MBU

Top Tray

Interior - Top Tray Front View - Chad MBU

Interior - Top Tray Front View

Exterior - Wide View - Chad MBU

Interior - Top Tray Side View Closeup

Exterior - Automatic Pressure Valve - All MBU's

Exterior - Automatic Pressure Valve

Exterior - Label - All MBU's

Interior - Top Tray Front View


MBU produced for Ghana's Social Security National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) for the purpose of registering pensioners biometrically for the reduction of fraud.

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Chad MBU

MBU produced for the government of Chad for the registration of civil service employees for the distribution of payroll.

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