What is EWS™?

The Bio-Metrica Enrollment Workstation (EWS)™ is a modular and easy to use system that produces high-quality biometric enrollment data on individuals and provides evidence of that enrollment. EWS™ is a scalable and customizable system and provides the ability to choose the biometric technology (e.g. fingerprint, face, iris, signature, vein, among others over a versatile infrastructure (land and mobile units, etc.). All of this runs on the robust BII™ architecture, which allows collected information to be shared across multiple applications.

Why do I need it?

EWS™ makes it easy to collect enrollment data for other biometric systems. It simplifies the collection process and can be used by anyone while offering the flexibility to be customized for any kind of deployment.

How does it work?

EWS™ provides a set of functions that allow easy enrollment and evidence of enrollment:
  • Enroll multiple types of biometrics via a variety of devices from different manufacturers.
  • Take a high quality picture that can be also used to identify a user.
  • Maintain a strict log of data that has been entered in the system including enrolled users, and users that have been already identified.
  • Print a receipt to give proof of enrollment to the user to show their data is in the system.
  • Securely store the data until it can be transferred off the system in an encrypted archive.
  • Flexible deployment on either desktops or mobile systems for remote deployments.

Who uses it?

EWS™ is used by large companies, governments, and other entities which need to enroll users into biometric systems, and need a robust, customizable system to collect high quality enrollment data.

The Enrollment screen is where all data on the user is entered in the system. The operator will capture all the information in a customizable form and then enroll the user's fingerprints and take several photos. Enrollment generally includes both demographic and biometric information including identification characteristics, a picture, name, address and identification documents (by default the system will use fingerprints, but the biometric method can be customized according to customer requirements). Enrollment can be configured that it will not let the operator save information until a set of activities are established, such as high resolution fingerprints, minimum number of fingerprints captured, specific mandatory fields, high resolution pictures taken, immediate duplication search within the local database, and near real time duplication search for the entire database, etc.

Reports and Activity Logs

EWS™ provides a comprehensive report generation mechanism. The operator can generate a report for all registered users, verified users, and duplicate users (fraud attempts) by many other parameters including fingerprint quality, address parameters, etc.

Administration / Dashboard

BII™ keeps a detailed audit log of all activity that happens on the system and can be accessed from the main BII™ system management module.  This centralized management system also allows administrators to configure all BII™-based applications.