What is the FingerPass TM?

The Fingerpass TM is a biometric terminal intended for time management. The terminal allows recording the arrival and departure events of the company’s employees (Check In and Check Out) of users by their fingerprints enrolled in the system.

The FingerPass TM also effectively solves major challenges faced by any company or organization: To ensure security and management personnel and provide a high level of safety combined with ease of use, reliability, and speed for higher security areas.

FingerPass TM

Why do I need it?

The Fingerpass TM is a cost effective biometric terminal for pure time and attendance management systems. It allows you to get the best solution for your business without having to purchase a more expensive system containing features you don’t require.

The Fingerpass TM also supports Two Factor Authentication, which is the ability to require two forms of identification to check in and out.

How does it work?

The Fingerpass TM provides several methods of identification:
  • Fingerprint
  • Contactless RFID cards
  • PIN Codes
  • A combination of contactless cards, fingerprints and PIN-codes

Who uses it?

The Fingerpass TM is ideal for time and attendance systems in large-scale enterprises (hotels and business centers, manufacturing facilities, commercial premises and warehouses) with no need for access control.

It also suits small and medium sized companies who want a powerful time and attendance system at an economic price and that is a durable, easy to maintain, and powerful device.


The supported identifiers are fingerprints, contactless proximity cards, PIN-codes and various combinations of the said parameters to target various enterprise needs (fingerprint + card, fingerprint + PIN, etc.). Thus, the device is universal and can be used to build highly secured time management systems, easily accessible by authorized persons and non-accessible by malicious users.

The terminal is equipped with a backlit graphical color display, keypad, buzzer and LEDs thus providing user-friendliness and convenience. The display enables you to comfortably use the FingerPass TM in dim rooms. Users are promptly notified on the identification result through signal and color indication and messages displayed on the screen.

The FingerPass TM allows for one-to-many identification (a fingerprint is the only parameter required for successful identification) and one-to-one identification (a produced fingerprint is compared against its digital template stored in the internal memory of the contactless (proximity) card).

Optical Scanning

Optical scanning is considered to be one of the most advanced identification (1:N) technology. It provides the highest quality and accuracy of identification regardless of the skin color and operates effectively with problematic fingers (dry or damaged skin, etc.).

Biometric Algorithms

The biometric identification algorithm is developed by BioLink. It's various versions are frequent members of independent tests regularly held by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It is approves by NIST, and considered to be one of the best Matching algorithms for 1:1 and 1:N modes exist today!

High Speed & Performance

The combination of the family of biometric fingerprint readers, and the applications provided by Bio-Metrica, provides one of the best performing systems with a very fast response time, accurate with very good performance ratios (low FAR / FRR / FTE, EER etc.)

Diversity of Interfaces

For different types of applications, we offer few types of fingerprint scanners & embedded devices. These devices support USB and Ethernet interfaces, while mobile and special terminals and combined solutions use additional credentials - contact / contactless cards / and PIN codes.

Advanced CMOS camera technology and precise optical system design delivers high quality image and reliability as well as durability, robustness and immunity to ESD

General technical characteristics:

Supported cards MiFare, HID and iClass
Fingerprint scanner (embedded) Optical
Interfaces Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232/485
Display 128x64mm LCD Display
Sound Buzzer
Power Supply 12V / 2A
Power Over Ethernet (POE) Yes
Operating temperature 0° to +45°?
Enclosure wall-mountable
Weight 450 gram
Size 190 mm x 140 mm x 57 mm

Fingerprint Scanner characteristics:

Fingerprint scanner (embedded) optical
Finger scanning window size 24 mm x 16 mm
Fingerprint image resolution 500 dpi
Identification speed <1 sec
FAR (false acceptance rate) <0.0001 %
FRR (false rejection rate) Remedied by repeated scanning: 0.01%
Maximum number of fingerprints in the device memory 1,500
Number of log records in the device log 50,000
“False Fingers” protection Built In
Fingerprint captured 150K ; 480x320 pixels

FingerPass TM

Compatible Applications:

Bio Time