Mobile Biometric Unit - MBU™?

Mobile Biometric Unit The MBU™ is ideal for deployment in areas where you need a powered biometric system in an easy to carry and deploy package. Some of the benefits include:
  • Completely customizable
  • Housed in a ruggedized case that is completely water-resistant, with an automatic pressure valve, that can survive most harsh environments in the world.
  • The ability to operate for an extended amount of time on battery power without need for local AC power through the use of the Bio-metrica Auto Switch Box (ASB).

Bio-Metrica MBU™ Advantage

MBU™ Power

Auto Switch Box (ASB) Operating Modes

  • High reliability
  • Modular architecture
  • Flexibility and adaptability including country-specific standards
  • Unlimited expansion
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Can process both fingerprints and palm prints;
  • Dependable on-site customer service
  • ASB provides integration of:
    • Solar Power
    • Grid Power
    • Battery Power

  • Grid/Solar Mode
    - Battery will Charge
  • Battery Mode
    - Will Use Battery
  • Standby Mode
    - Preserves battery when being transported
  • Charging Mode
    - Charges battery while in storage

Configurable Options

Laptop Computer - The Dell Latitude E6430, is just one of the several different models you can choose from. It is designed to be durable for the professional.
Fingerprint/Palmprint Scanner - The DS-45/DS-30 uses optical technology that enables the production of high quality fingerprint and/or palmprint images even of moist fingers and/or palms.
Long Duration Battery Backup - Using a powerful but light Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePo) battery, the MBU™ backup system can provide up to 20 hours of operating time.
Portable Printer - Print high-quality documents using the HP Deskjet 1000 Printer. Up to 16 ppm at 600 DPI. Conserve resources with this Energy Star qualified Portable Printer.
Automatic Switch Box (ASB) - Our ASB allows for automatic switching between power sources without user interaction. It provides four modes of operation; Grid/Solar, Battery, Standby, and Charging.
High Resolution Document Scanner - Whether digitizing existing 10-print cards, scanning latents, or scanning crime scene photos, the Epson V-700 scanner yields up to 12,800 dpi scans.
Solar Power Generator (SPG) - Our SPG allows you to use the Sun to charge, maintain , and operate several MBUs. The system is transportable and is packed in rugged, waterproof travel cases.
High Definition Lighted Camera Rig - The high definition lighted camera rig, integrates a low consumption LED light to illuminate the subject. Guaranteeing the best capture every-time.

Interior - Laptop Open

Laptop Open

Interior - Top Tray Left Side View

Top Tray

Interior - Top Tray Right Side View

Interior - Top Tray Side View Closeup

Exterior - Label

Interior - Top Tray Front View

Exterior - Automatic Pressure Valve

Exterior - Automatic Pressure Valve

Functional Features

Functional Features