What is the U-Match 5.0?

The U-Match 5.0 is an integrated device combining a fingerprint scanner and smart card reader. The two built-in devices can be used either separately or conjointly. The unit is compatible with many of our offers solutions including the BSDK that provides unique ability to develop diverse biometric identification solutions based on three factors of authentications: Something you are (biometrics), Something you have (unique smart card), and something you know (PIN for the smart card).

U-Match 5.0

Why do I need it?

Sold and deployed in the ten's of the thousands range, in various types of environments, the U-Match 5.0 is a high performance, field proven, Reliable, and Secure device. It utilizes authentic patented fingerprint image capturing technology that allows high quality digital fingerprint templates generation, which is crucial for fast and accurate fingerprint recognition, while keeping the privacy of the fingerprint owner.

How does it work?

The U-Match® MatchBook 5.0 provides several methods of identification:
  • Fingerprint
  • Smart cards
  • A combination of Smart cards and fingerprints

Who uses it?

The U-Match 5.0 is ideal for companies that need a durable, easy to maintain, and powerful device to be used across a variety of PC-based biometric applications while also demanding a higher level of security by requiring two methods of authentication.

The main purpose of the U-Match 5.0 is to provide a very secure authentication process that includes three factors of authentication. It functions in conjunction with various applications in order to restrict access to sensitive information of government / corporate and residential users. This 'Combo' type of fingerprint scanner + Smart card reader was designed for an office use, it is compact, ergonomically designed and cost-effective. It supports Plug & Play technology, can easily be attached to a computer and it is ready for work immediately after the software installation, accompanied by step-by-step instructions.

Optical Scanning

Optical scanning is considered to be one of the most advanced identification (1:N) technology. It provides the highest quality and accuracy of identification regardless of the skin color and operates effectively with problematic fingers (dry or damaged skin, etc.).

Biometric Algorithms The biometric identification algorithm is developed by BioLink. It's various versions are frequent members of independent tests regularly held by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It is approves by NIST, and considered to be one of the best Matching algorithms for 1:1 and 1:N modes exist today! Smart Card

Supported by ISO 7816 & EMV 2000, the built in smart card reader is a standard one that supports 5v, 3v and 1.8v. It detects the card insertion, and when supported by the card - it can transfer information in a speed of up to 119 kbps.

High Speed & Performance

The combination of the U-Match family of biometric fingerprint readers, and the applications offered by Bio-Metrica, provides one of the best performing systems with a very fast response time, accurate with very good performance ratios (low FAR / FRR / FTE, EER et') This performance is extremely important especially in government and Law Enforcement applications

International Standards

The U-Match 5.0 is fully compliant with internationally accepted standards, and the mandatory stipulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and biometric consortium BioAPI. It is certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Diversity of Interfaces

For different types of applications, we offer few types of fingerprint scanners & embedded devices. These devices support USB and Ethernet interfaces, while mobile and special terminals and combined solutions use additional credentials - contact / contactless cards / and PIN codes

Advanced CMOS camera technology and precise optical system design delivers high quality image and reliability as well as durability, robustness and immunity to ESD

General technical characteristics:

Interface USB 2.0/1.1
Data Transfer Rate Up to 12 Mbps
USB cable 6.5' (200cm)
Dimensions 50 x 73 x 35 mm
Plug & Play Technology Built In
Weight 160 gram
Operation temperature -10 to +55 Degree Celsius
Operation humidity 30% - 90% (not condensing)

Fingerprint Scanner characteristics:

“False Fingers” protection Built In
Fingerprint scanning window size 16x24mm
Fingerprint captured 150K ; 480x320 pixels
Image resolution 508 DPI
Light source Infrared LED
Supply voltage DC 4.4-5.25V via USB port
Power consumption active 350mW (LED on), standby 100mW, sleep mode 40mW
ESD contact 8KV
Air discharge 16KV no permanent damage!

Smart Card Reader characteristics:

Industry standards ISO 7816, EMV 2000
Card Power (voltage) 5v 3v 1.8v
Power supply 60ma
Card type detection Automatic
Transmission Speed Up to 119kbps (if supported by card)
LED status indicator Green (ready), Red (in operation)
Additional features 8 pin handling (C4/C8 supported), Secure Pin Entry (SPE)

System Requirements

The system requirements for the U-Match 5.0 are:

  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Processor: Pentium 200 MHz and higher
  • RAM: minimum 128 Mb
  • Hard disk space: minimum 50 Mb
  • Port: USB
  •  CD-ROM (required for software installation only)

The U-Match 5.0 is compatible with the following applications: