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Biometric Identification Infrastructure - BII™

BII™ Brochure

Biometric Identification System - BIS™

BIS™ Brochure

Enrollment Workstation - EWS™

EWS™ Brochure

National Identification System - NID™

NID™ Brochure

Driver's License System - DLS™

DLS™ Brochure

Census Registration System - CRS™

CRS™ Brochure

Voter Registration System - VRS™

VRS™ Brochure

Border Guardian - BG™

BG™ Brochure

Prison Management System - Tartarus™

Tartarus™ Brochure

Mobile Biometric Unit - MBU™

MBU™ Brochure

Civil Mobile Biometric Unit - MBU™

Civil MBU™ Brochure

Automatic Swtichbox - ASB™

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IDenium - Overview
IDenium - Citrix Logon
IDenium - Presentation
IDenium - Technical Article

Biometric SDK - BSDK

BSDK - Overview
BSDK - Licensing Scheme
BSDK - XMatcher


BioTime Time - Attendance Overview
BioTime Time - Attendance Specifications
BioTime Physical Access Control - Overview
BioTime Flash Presentation

AMIS Shot™

AMIS Shot Brochure
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