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Headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Seminole County (in the vicinity of Orlando / orange County), Florida, USA, Bio-Metrica LLC is a system integrator and solution provider (OEM) of biometric authentication systems in many shapes and forms, standard & custom ones, which targets various challenges triggered by compliance to regulations, physical security, logical identity protection, data & information protection, personnel identification for Time & Attendance, law enforcement requirements, civil identification and convenience. Founded by electrical engineers, equipped with the most updated know-how in the biometric field, Bio-Metrica provides cutting edge biometric solutions to government / corporate customers, wholesaling of biometric products and services through worldwide network of VARS , and system integration services while customizing any biometric solution as per the end customer request.


Many verticals require Identity verification / identification syatems, for employees, subscribers, benefits entitled users, financial transactions related employees, inmates, citizens, and others. Our approach is to carefully explore the requirements of each one of the following sectors: Government, Law enforcement, Healthcare, Finance, education, retail, manufacturing among others, and to offer cost effective solutions as per each one of these sectors' needs. In addition, we assist the customer during the installation & configuration, maintenance and upgrade of the biometric system. As a system integrator, we can customize the solution as per the specific project requirements.


As system integrator and solution provider (OEM), based on many years of experience and extensive know-how, Bio-Metrica provides the best in class biometric solutions, hardware & software, to government / corporate users. On a case to case basis, our R&D center, customize / tailor specific solution as per the customer requirement. Our goal is to provide our customers with a cost effective solution per their requirements and existing budget, while not compromising the highest quality of the offered solutions. Bio-Metrica provides biometric solutions / services through our worldwide VARs network. Potential VARs are welcomed to contact us through our business development email.
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