Law Enforcement


The AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) is a very comprehensive system intended for creation and maintenance of large databases of tenprints, fingers and palm latents, collected from crime scenes.

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AMIS Shot makes it possible to identify weapons by bullets and shells recovered from a crime scene with the purpose of efficiently solving criminal cases. Implementation of the system by law-enforcement agencies results in a considerable improvement of the clearance rate and improves the overall security of the civil society.

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Mobile Biometric Unit - MBU™

The Mobile Biometric Unit (MBU)™ is a rugged, modular, easy to deploy and configure, portable biometric system that can accommodate a variety of biometric applications such as the EWS (Enrollment Workstation)™, VRS (Voter Registration Systems)™, BIS (Biometric Identification System)™, or any AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System), based on biometric fingerprint technology or other optional types of biometric such as face, IRIS, voice etc.

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IDenium is a comprehensive biometric identification solution designed to manage access to corporate information resources of an enterprise-wide network. This solution is designed to handle identification issues of any organization based on the distributed enterprise network.

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